Please feel free to read or watch this Lullaby Exchange introduction. Browse, share, and enjoy!

The Lullaby Exchange Goal

The UCC Creative Lullaby Exchange (UCCCLE) is a UCC Creative initiative. UCCCLE aims to serve as a repository for the world’s lullabies, allowing songs to be shared and preserved by people from around the world.

How Does the Lullaby Exchange Website Work?

Think of us as a non-social media social media site! The Lullaby Exchange is completely free to use, and UCCCLE itself does not make any money from this initiative. You can share your lullabies and browse through other posts, but there is no unnecessary tracking on our website. We simply invite you to explore the repository and consider recording a lullaby into it. Plain and simple!

What Lullabies Are We Looking For?

We are looking for any type of lullaby! Your lullaby can be a well-known song, like “Rockabye Baby.” It can be that little random tune your mother used to hum to you before you fell asleep. It may even be another type of song that you have repurposed as a lullaby. Even if someone has already posted the lullaby you were thinking of singing, we would still invite you to post your own version of it. 

Our Ethos: The Formation of an S.E.N. Space

Our ethos here at UCCCLE is to create a Safe, Equitable, and Non-judgemental space for absolutely everyone who would like to share a lullaby. You don’t need to compose the lullaby you record. You don’t need any audio equipment other than what is already built into your computer or phone. You don’t need any experience as a singer at all. If you have sung a lullaby, or even remember one that was sung to you, we want to hear your voice!


  • UCCCLE maintains industry-standard internet protocols to ensure that all of the website’s data is secured. 
  • The Lullaby Exchange is GDPR compliant.
  • Anyone who posts on the website can choose to remain anonymous. We will never publish any of your information without prior consent.
  • Should you ever wish to remove your lullaby from our website, we have an easy-to-use removal form to ensure that you always maintain control of the content you contribute.


  • Whether you are a professional singer, a hobbyist, or someone who has never sung before, you are welcome to contribute.
  • We accept all standards of audio so no need to worry about the quality of the microphone you are using.
  • Everyone who wants to post is required to sing their lullaby onto the website itself; therefore, no external equipment can give anyone an unfair advantage. 
  • If you run into any difficulty, just send the UCCCLE team an email or a message on social media; we are here to help!


  • No one can “like” or “comment” on the UCCCLE website posts. 
  • Everyone can post and share the lullabies they love without jeopardizing their cherished memories.
  • Everyone’s voice is respected, valued, and appreciated by the UCCCLE team.